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Turn Your Lights On

During the summer months, the sun rises earlier, and sets later. If your headlights don't automatically turn on, remember to activate them sooner rather than later, especially when driving on unfamiliar routes.

Stay Calm

While this may seem obvious, don't let your emotions or bad mood affect your driving. Take a deep breath and try to stay patient. As much as possible, try and take routes that you enjoy, where the scenery is relaxing and patience-inducing.

Take an Advanced Driving Course

Taking an advanced driving course can help improve your driving skills, not just on the track, but on slippery pavement, on off-road trails, and during emergency manoeuvres. You can take what you learn during the course and easily apply it to everyday driving in order to make you a safer and better driver.

Be Safe

Put your seat belt on correctly and adjust your seating position. The lower seat belt strap should lie over your hips, not your stomach, to ensure it is comfortable and safe. Sit upright behind the steering wheel, with both hands on the wheel.

Share the Road

Sunny summer days usually mean more cyclists and pedestrians, making it especially important to be aware of what's going on around you while you're driving. Shoulder check for cyclists, and be prepared to yield even if they don't have the right of way. Also, after parking, check for passing cyclists before opening your door.

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