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Did you know that the transition to Daylight Savings Time coincides with a rise in road-related incidents? How about the change in weather and road conditions?

As Canadian drivers, we have to be extra careful navigating the roads during winter months, but studies show that there are also many reasons to be careful driving during the spring.

In honour of Distracted Driving Awareness Month, below are six tips to help you -- and the people you share the road with -- stay safe this season.

1) Give your vehicle a spring tune-up

Give your vehicle a little TLC before you hit the road this spring. Cold temperatures, snow, slush, salt and road grit from winter can cause accelerated wear and tear on a vehicle. Be sure to check headlights, fluids, tire pressure, and replace windshield wiper blades that don't clear the glass.

Our service team at Otto's BMW can help you get your vehicle in top shape for spring.

2) Don't change your tires too soon

Winter tires add extra traction in cold weather conditions. Don't let spring fool you -- it can bring upon all kinds of temperatures and weather, even dipping below freezing. You should always wait until temperatures are consistently above seven degrees before making the switch.

3) Warmer weather means busier streets

Spring brings more runners, walkers, strollers -- and kids playing in the street. Movements can be sudden and unpredictable. Always slow down and be extra cautious in school zones and residential areas.

4) Share the road with cyclists

Cyclists will be out in full force this spring. Remember to check your rearview mirrors before turning, stopping, or proceeding to spot their location. When passing on the road, give cyclists plenty of room. If you're approaching a busy intersection, slow down if a cyclist may be turning left in front of you.

5) Watch out for potholes

Potholes are a frustrating hazard resulting from winter conditions. These are most often the result of pavement fatigue, caused by the natural process of aging. After several years of exposure to weather and traffic, pavement can begin to lose its flexibility and resistance to water. Needless to say, these can pause a tremendous challenge to distracted drivers. 

6) Keep your eyes on the road

Texting and driving is one of the most dangerous forms of distracted driving. In fact, the average text sent or read in a car takes a driver's eyes off the road for five seconds. This is more than enough time to get in a life-altering accident. The minimum fine for texting and driving in Ontario is $615 for the first conviction. The maximum fine is $3000.

To learn more about how your vehicle can keep you safe this season, contact your Otto's BMW representative today. 
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