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August 24, 2015

Watch out for the next BMW M3

The BMW M3 has always been considered to be the ultimate driving machine. This car is without any doubts the embodiment of the German Automaker. This is why every time a new generation is born, any change and addition are scrutinized carefully. This time, BMW M3 fans will be extremely shocked, as the next generation will be a plug-in hybrid!

BMW M3 Hybrid


Yes, this is now official, the next M3 and M4 cars (the M4 was known as the M3 Coupe before 2014) will be ply-in hybrids. BMW’s North American CEO confirmed that the automaker had to go that way in the future, to be environment-friendly and competitive. The cars will feature technologies from the BMW i-Division.

Don’t think though that hybrid rimes with loss of power; the new M3 and M4 cars should offer over 500 hp of power, 75 hp more than the last version, and should also have a big torque boost, for a total of some 480 pound-feet.

The cars will use a Formula 1-style Kinetic Engine Recovery System (KERS) that recuperates power each time you break. The M3/M4 will travel up to 32 km (20 miles) on battery power only, while an all-wheel drive setup will be possible with dual electric motors.

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