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March 22, 2019

The M850i Night Sky: literally out of this world!

BMW has just exhibited earlier this March its new M850i Night Sky at the Geneva International Motor Show. The vehicle was introduced just in time for the first meteor shower of 2019, which took place on January 3.

Several hundred working hours were necessary to design this eye-catching car, as many elements of the exterior and cabin pick up on the galactic theme. The Muonionalusta meteorite, discovered in 1906 in today’s Sweden, forms the basis for this one-of-a-kind BMW.

The exterior is a tribute to the blue hour, a phenomenon that occurs at twilight when indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue shade. The colour of the M850i Night Sky gets progressively darker, leading to a light-absorbing black, and tinsel and bronze pigments were incorporated.

The cabin trim also features tiny pieces of the meteorite. Small pieces have been laid by hand on the vehicle’s center armrest, door sills, gearshift and iDrive controller. See how the BMW M850i Night Sky literally makes you see stars:


new M850i Night Sky

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