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August 18, 2014

The BMW Service Card

The BMW Service CardFor peace-of-mind driving, your Certified Serie shares all the benefits of BMW Service Card coverage standard on all new BMW vehicles.

BMW Service Card benefits include:

- Emergency Service Calls for battery boost, fitting the spare tire, delivery of fuel or lock and key service for lost keys and locked-out drivers;

- Mechanical Breakdown Towing (by flatbed) from the problem site to the nearest BMW Retailer;

- Winching when necessary;

- Trip interruption allowances (by reimbursement) of up to $100 per incident if you are less than 80 kilometres from your residence and up to $800 per incident if you are more than 80 kilometres from home, which cover emergency transportation, accomodation, return to repair site and special return of passengers, if required;

- Traffic Accident Services allowances (by reimbursement) of up to $500 for any of the combined expenses, such as towing, winching and trip interruption allowances as described above, if not provided by your insurer.

- Travel Planning Services including trip routing and personalized information kits for your itinerary;

- Emergency Cash should your cash and/or your credit cards be lost or stolen, BMW Service Card Program will wire you up to $500 as soon as possible. Funds can usually be wired within 24 hours. Note: the interest-free amount must be repaid within 30 days.

Note: A detailed description of these benefits is included in your Warranty and Customer Assistance/Service Guide, along with directions for claiming reimbursements. Ifyou have any questionsregarding these benefits, please call the toll-free number for clarification.

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