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July 27, 2015

Maybe an association with Apple for BMW

There has been a rumour going around since a few days concerning an association between Apple and the German automaker BMW. Effectively, since February, we are aware that Apple had a big interest in the automotive industry, wanting to build its own intelligent and electric car. Now, according to the manager of the German publication Magazin, the automaker to work with Apple would be BMW.

BMW i3 electric car
















More than hundreds of Apple employees would be working on the project since last winter, which would be named “Project Titan”. We don’t know yet if this car will be launched on the market one day, but there is an evident interest on it. Looking for the perfect body, Apple apparently decided to go with the BMW i3 body, an electric car built by the German automaker.

We already know about the car-software system that Apple is developing for a while now, named CarPlay. However, this time, it would be more than just a software. We could clearly talk about an Apple car.

When BMW manager Oliver Zipse was asked in July 2015 to comment on this rumour on working with Apple on a special car, he said: “We live in a world of partnerships.”

This promises to be quite interesting for the future.

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