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July 9, 2015

BMW launched a 40-ton electric truck

The German automaker innovated again by putting lately the very first 40-ton electric truck on the road in Munich, Germany. This truck was born out of a partnership with the automotive service provider Scherm Gruppe, who also has its headquarter in Germany. Both companies being green and moving toward a more sustainable business development, it was natural for them to pair up again for this.

BMW 40-ton electric truck

















Additionally to being electric, this truck will be charged entirely using renewable energy, making it even greener. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to charge entirely and once full, it will be able to complete about 100 kilometers before empty. For now, it will only be exploited in Bavaria, where it will make eight 2 kilometers short trips everyday to travel in between both companies facilities, transporting several vehicle components. This isn’t much at first, but BMW and Scherm still consider the truck on trial. The truck is extremely quiet, and CO2-free.

Jürgen Maidl, head of logistics at BMW Group, said "With this project we will gain valuable information on what will be possible with electric trucks in the future for city logistics. The BMW Group, along with our partner the Scherm Group, is once again bravely embarking on a new journey and delivering pioneering work." While Hermann Bohrer, head of the BMW Group Plant, said "With our electric truck, we are sending another strong signal for sustainable urban mobility. We are contributing to reducing emissions in the city and are proud to be the first automotive manufacturer in Europe to use an electric truck of this size to transport materials on public roads."

We are very excited about the future.

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