2017 BMW i3: More Electric Range | Otto's BMW
May 9, 2016

2017 BMW i3: More Electric Range

For this coming year, BMW decided to review the range of its brilliant and dynamic BMW i3. The 2017 models will feature a higher-density battery, which will largely improve the i3’s stated range.

The current version has a range of 81 miles, but the 2017 model year is set to offer a 50% increase with approximately 120 miles! This is possible thanks to a higher density of the lithium-ion cells. The more powerful battery would come as an option. Still, it puts the i3 at the top of the currently available class of EVs.

The 2017 BMW i3 has become a stronger, better and more versatile vehicle – close to perfection! Will you be the first to request a road test? Keep in touch to find out more about the date of arrival of the brand new BMW i3!

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